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Executive Coaching

With great pride in the personal growth and development of his clients, Ron works with CEO's, COO's, 'stars on the rise' or just hard-working executives who want to get to the next level and beyond. He has a unique ability to connect with people in a special way. His tailor-made approach to coaching and mentoring provides a comfortable environment for learning, growing and developing everyone's unique skills. We're happy to provide a list of satisfied clients to contact. (Click to review testimonials)

Interim / transitionary CEO

Ron has had a lot of experience coming in to organizations who are transitioning from one phase to another. It may be that hiring a long-term CEO doesn't work from either a budget or strategic standpoint but strong leadership is still required. Ron has a special ability to come into a new situation and quickly assess the 'lay of the land', grasp the internal politics, gain trust and 'calm the troops'.

leadership development

Ron Bremner has been developing and 'grooming' the next generation of leaders for many years. He has a special ability to teach, motivate, challenge and empower while imparting life-long lessons of teamwork, communication and leadership. His natural feel for difference-makers and how to take them to the next level ensures that your company will not only be positioned for success, but groomed for continued and long-lasting positive results. Ron's strength is helping people understand what they need to do to go from good to great and then showing them how to do it! (Click to review testimonials)

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keynote & facilitation

Energy, enthusiasm and personal commitment are trademarks of Ron's keynote and facilitation work.

Ron Bremner can help you motivate, educate, entertain and lift your team's spirit and performance. He combines extensive preparation with strong commitment to provide an excellent atmosphere for growth and development wrapped in the best tenets of customer-service. We have several strong testimonials to his excellent work in this area. (Click to review testimonials)

Board Participation

A highly sought-after member of local and national Boards for over 30 years.

Numerous organizations have benefitted from Ron's vast experience, keen insight, strong operational skills and unique perspective. He has helped many Boards to new levels of achievement and progress in a variety of sectors. His fresh outlook and strong affinity for change has provided strong and steady countenance for Boards throughout the country.

strategic planning

Ron Bremner is at his best with a room full of executives searching for a better way. His easy-going but determined style combined with his ability to get to the heart of the tough issues has helped many companies get to the next level and beyond. By challenging people to think like owners and encouraging them to act like leaders no matter where they work in the company, he is able to break down silos while improving communication, teamwork and morale. We can connect you with numerous organizations who have benefitted from Ron's expertise in this important area. (Click to review testimonials)

From His Clients

Maple leaf sports + entertainment bring in ron bremner to help deliver world class service

"Ron’s style is relaxed, free of ‘hype’ and he takes great pains to make everyone feel comfortable.  With a knack of driving home the message without lecturing or posturing, he gets immediate ‘buy-in’ and quickly develops a strong rapport with the staff. Ron took the extra time and effort to meet separately in advance with all 45 people who attended.  He talked to them, asked their opinions on various aspects of business and had already developed a relationship with them before the workshops even started. " 
D. Hopkinson, Senior VP,
Business Partnerships, Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment

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Building the Team that Builds the Business

board development
Board Development

"Ron has a tremendous gift for challenging current priorities and practices while offering both encouragement and inspiration. He helped to build cohesiveness within the team while picking up and reinforcing individual skills and attributes."
S. MacKendrick, President,
Canadian Women in Communications


Leadership Team Development
Leadership team development

"If you are looking to motivate, educate and teach your people some important life-long skills in customer service, sales and people management, you couldn’t find a better qualified or more experienced individual to get the job done than Ron Bremner."
D. Hopkinson, Senior VP,
Business Partnerships
Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment

Strategic Planning
strategic planning

"The excellent skills, selflessness and personal style that Ron demonstrated will be a legacy that both the company and individuals will benefit from on an ongoing basis."
M. Griffiths, President & COO
Kilmer Van Nostrand Co. Limited